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We understand starting a new venture can be challenging. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you move forward in your journey. Contact us for professional advice, guidance, and hands-on help.

Your Path to Luxury Apartment Rentals and Short Term Rental Homes in the USA

At Elegant Living, we understand the importance of your journey into the world of luxury apartment for rentals in USA. We know that starting a new venture can be challenging, and that’s where Expert Consulting steps in. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with professional advice, guidance, and hands-on assistance throughout your real estate investment experience.

With a keen focus on research, purchase options, financial lender choices, property analysis, design, and furnishing, permit and regulation screening, we offer a comprehensive range of services. If you’re considering setting up a short-term rental, our customized pricing depends on various factors, guaranteeing the most competitive rates for luxury apartments for rentals in the USA, short term rental home USA, and holiday homes for rent USA.



We dig deep to find you the best investment options of your preferences.

Purchase & Financial Lender Options:

Whether it's about securing a property or finding suitable financing options, we got you covered.


We analyze revenue potentials to ensure you make the best decision.

Design & Furnish:

Our team can help make your property look irresistible, highly important with the current dynamic market, enhancing your rental appeal.

Permit & Regulation Screening

We help you navigate the bureaucracy.


To independently manage your short-term rental. We can guide you every step of the way.

Reach out to us for any query, big or small, and let our experts help you get unstuck.


With transparency and value, here’s pricing

For an expert consultation

We only charge a reasonable rate of $250 per hour. This gives you access to professional insights that can significantly improve your business.

Setting up a Short Term Rental?

The cost will depend on several factors like location, size, and workload. We guarantee the most reasonable prices for this custom service - just inquire to get your quote!

Premium Addons

STR Design & Setup
Tech Setup
Listing Creation and Enhancement for AirBnB/VRBO
These are tried and tested strategies to get you ahead of the competition. Don't miss out on this opportunity and invest in your business's future today.

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